Episode 1 – From Chengdu to Chandler

As many of you know, we eloped during the pandemic, a bought a house in Chandler, AZ to be near family…and made the leap from city life to suburban shenanigans.

Before we moved, we documented our favorite food in LA knowing that we would then set out to find our favorite food in Chandler. That was the original idea for our channel; we later realized the bigger story was in family, homeownership, renovation and of course, wine.

In this first episode, get to know us and learn a little about Chengdu House in Valley Village and Chou’s Kitchen in Chandler, Arizona . Featured wine? Yummy Rusack in Solvang, CA.

Production notes: We would not have gotten anywhere without the editing and graphic design work from Nino Aphakidze (DIR/EDITOR) and Anna Volodina (ART DIR/GRAPHIC DESIGNER), who were my students at Prague College and who are now talented adult women doin’ the damn thing from the country of Georgia! Hire them!

Welcome to the Soraci Silliness!

We’re happy to debut our YouTube Channel, Her Words, His Wine.

Admittedly, we don’t know what we’re doing yet, so hang in there with us!

Starring Peppur, Matt, little Vivian and big Molly, our channel is a slice of life with a little bit of story and a whole lot of wine.

Peppur is a writer for hire and word-manipulator of fiction, non-fiction and her blog, Pen and Peppur. Here, she focuses on Arizona, food and cocktails. She also throws in hot tips, tricks and quips like how to manage a home renovation, to what it’s like to survive a Scorpion sting, to musings about the Arizona heat. Clck here for words from The Hot One.

Before moving to the film industry, Matt spent several years in the wine business. Wine is still his passion and he loves sharing knowledge about this good stuff. Click over to “His Wine” to learn more about wine, wine pairings, and even champagne that goes great with a wedding!

Many of us were affected by the pandemic in some ways we’d like to remember, and in other ways we’d rather not. For us, that time forced us to do something we hadn’t planned, which was to elope. We wanted to reclaim 2020 and did so by getting married on the grounds of the Santa Barbara Courthouse on 12.31.20. We like to share this moment because it is a constant reminder that we must learn to and be ready to pivot when life throws us a curveball. This isn’t easy for everyone. May our joy be inspiration for you. The videos that we took during our not-wedding wedding were the inspiration for making our YouTube channel and finding a way to be storytellers and content creators by using what we already had, which was us … and our life experiences. Perhaps you can do the same. (Learn all that you could possibly want about our back story and see photos from our wedding. Welcome to the Soraci Story!


Thank you in advance for spending time on our website! We hope we’ve provided you with some value, entertainment or desire go grab a glass of delicious wine. – All our best, The Soracis

One of our first dates. Malibu. 2018

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