Our Story

Our engagement, May 15 2019, Prague

Things can be unexpected. Be prepared!

If you think it’s not gonna happen, think again:

Matt proposed on what turned out to be a rainy cold day in Prague at a vegan restaurant where I was planning to say hello and goodbye to some of my girlfriends. He was incredibly hung over from an insanely fun night we’d had with my musician friend Martin, that got us home at 4am. It was important to him to propose during our trip with friends that I loved. And that’s what happened. We were all terribly surprised, especially me.

That night, we enjoyed a nice steak dinner and of course, WINE at restaurant, Pohostinec, which means Monarch in Czech.

Our engagement story continued with travel to Vienna, Barcelona and Malaga where more wine was had with friends. Watch the Her Words blog for stories on current travel, wine drinking and experiences.