Episodes – Her Words His Wine OLD

Series Credits: Peppur Chambers (Writer), Nino Aphakidze (DIR/EDITOR), Anna Volodina (ART DIR/GRAPHIC DESIGNER)

Episode 3 – BONUS – The Last of the Summer Whine – short film

We depart from our regular programming and offer a cinematic experience. Our mini short film, “The Last of the Summer Whine” documents how we felt this past 4th of July where we celebrated gratitude and relaxation in our Chandler, AZ backyard. Simplicity at it’s best! Gratitude at it’s highest.

Episode 2 – From Osteria Mozza to Sals Gilbert Pizzeria (Part 2)

In Episode 2, Part 2, we ask my aunt and cousin if they would move to Chandler AZ. We also have a nice chat about what it means to live near family — especially when you’re someone who has lived away from family for a long time. This episode may give some comfort and insight into those thinking about or who have made the “great migration” away from larger cities and back home to smaller towns.

Cheat sheet if you want to skip ahead:
1:01 – We ask family if they would move to Chandler and why.

2:23 – They both give some positive reasons why they would move to Chandler.
3:41 – Stats on the different ethnic populations living in Chandler.
5:40 – Matt offering a wine tasting at his mom’s independent living facility.
6:31 – Backyard landscaping in action with sister Valerie
7:01 – Small chat on what it means to go from not being near family to living close to family

Featured wine:
Marrugat Cava https://www.vivino.com/US/en/bodegas-pinord-cava-marrugat-brut-seleccion/w/6241609
BOURBON – ST CLOUD https://www.saintcloudbourbon.com/

Episode 2 – From Osteria Mozza to Sal’s Gilbert Pizzeria (Part 1)

Welcome back! Episode 2 (Part 1) has us reminiscing about the fabulous Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles and finding how that same essence of quality translates into the downhome goodness found at Sal’s Gilbert Pizzeria. We also have a bonus: Family visiting us in Chandler from Washington DC/Maryland. In Part 2 we ask them if they would move to Chandler and why. In this episode, we tell them all about the good food and good vibes of Sal’s Gilbert Pizzeria. Yum!

Featured restaurants:

  • Osteria Mozza, Los Angeles, CA
  • Sal’s Pizzeria in Gilbert, AZ

Featured wine:

Episode 1 – From Chengdu to Chandler

Introducing Peppur and Matthew Soraci, a newly-married couple from LA moving to the suburbs of Arizona. As first-time home owners who yearn for the good food and the good times of LA, these two hold on to their last moments in Los Angeles before stepping foot into Chandler. These are their stories. Via food. And other stuff. First up, saying goodbye to the first hello, Chengdu House. Comfort Chinese Food that’s fast, hot and yummy with a touch of Pierre Jouet class to wash it down amidst all the moving chaos.

Featured restaurants:

  • Chengdu House in Valley Village, CA
  • Chou’s Kitchen in Chandler, AZ

Featured wine: