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  1. Elaine Gordon on His Wine

    These pictures are just devine—your day was so beautifully exquisite and apropos for the two of you! Only thing missing…

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I'm a Midwestern Girl Out for a Twirl. Also a writer, producer, director and Brown Bettie. If you'd like to read more of what I've written, check out my debut novella, HARLEM'S AWAKENING on Amazon and 1888.center. It's really good. To learn more about me, I have a website with lots of other links and interesting stuff: www.peppurchambers.com. xxoo

2 thoughts on “Her Words, His Wine

  1. Of course I am late (hush Matt) in watching this beautiful event on 12/31/20. But I can’t think of a better day to view it ……happy 1st valentine’s day as Mr. & Mrs.! I had to rewind several parts of the ceremony as I giggled with tears streaming. Matt yes, please don’t “fuck it up” as you stated in your vows 🙂 Peppur, I can’t wait to meet you in person. Your laugh and personality are infectious. I am so happy that my dear friend found you to spend the rest of his life with. Counting down the days until I can celebrate this union in person but until then I am available for another zoom happy hour any time! Congrats you two and here’s to MANY years of laughs, love and happiness.

    Much love,


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